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Do Up Your Campervan on a Budget

Purchasing a camper-van can be a very expensive event. You've either got a good amount of money to spend and can afford all the bells and whistles, or you're on a budget.

When you're sourcing a camper-van on a budget, your price range will limit your options to either a mechanically and structurally sound vehicle, with no fit out or the opposite, a neat fit out and a van riddled with rust. It would be most likely un-insured therefore requiring pit-passing and accompanying that, the gift ideas for boaters dreaded mechanical issues.

The smart punter would most like choose

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Spend Your Vacation In Contemporary Style With Rajasthan Hotels

The magic land of Rajasthan is unmatched with any of the states in the country, because of its heritage, culture, sand dunes and lush green forests. Bestowed with natural beauty, it is one of the best places for your vacations, as it offers a lot to explore with relic, preserved for the travelers.

There are hotels in every city of Rajasthan to serve their global tourists.

The Rajasthan Hotels serves their guest with contemporary facilities and amenities. They give you a royal treatment with their calm and excellent staff service.

Oberoi Udaivilas Palace, Udaipur:

Located near Pichcola, Udaipur it is one of the best royal heritage hotel in Rajasthan. Designed in Mewari style, it shows the rich culture.

and tradition of royalty.

Chowki Dhani, Jaipur:

Chowki Dhani, a typical village module resort, is a blend of ethnic with modern comfort. Comprising of nine cottages, 33 royal cottages and 8 Haveli suites, it is one of the best hotel in Jaipur, which not only is a place to stay in but also helps you to get into the village environment with its rural type interior.

Phool Mahal Palace, Ajmer:

Once belonged to a Royal family, located at a peaceful area of Kishangarh, in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Phool Mahal Palace is a well-known and luxury hotel in Rajasthan. It is near Gundalao Lake, which will surely soothe your eyes and soul.

Bhanwar Niwas Palace, Bikaner:

Located in Rampura Street of Bikaner, it is one of the magnificent palaces in entire Bikaner. It has 24 beautiful rooms decorated meticulously by artisans of Bikaner.

Fort Rajwada Hotel, Jaisalmer:

Situated on Jodhpur-Barmer Link Road, Jaisalmer, surrounded by sprawling greenery, is one of the ideal forts for the visitors looking for the blend of luxury, comfort, heritage, and elegance. With 65 rooms designed lavishly, it is a perfect place to spend your Rajasthan vacations.

There are many other Rajasthan Hotels at your service, serving you the best.

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How to Organize Digital Pictures

Take Lots of Pictures

It's good to know how to organize digital pictures when it is so easy to take pictures by the hundred with today's convenient digital camera. It wasn't that long ago that the processing of 35mm film would cause people to limit pictures to a chosen few, but today we snap everything in sight since digital cameras are capable of holding hundreds upon hundreds in memory cards and it cost nothing unless we print.

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Make Money Online: Top sites & apps that pay

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Angee Is The World's Most Advanced Home Security System

Hiring a home security guard who can keep you constantly updated on the goings-on around your house (and send you pictures and video to boot) is expensive. Its also a bit unrealistic after all, unless you live in a museum or a bank, it seems unlikely that your guests will find personnel standing guard against intruders. But just because you dont have the worlds largest collection of Impressionist era paintings or billions in other peoples cash doesnt mean you dont deserve unparalleled protection. Which is why the Angee is such a brilliant innovation.